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London Solicitors for Rape allegations, operating nationwide

As one of the best London solicitors for rape charges, serving the entire nation, we are especially skilled at defending this most serious offence within the Criminal Law Statute books. Convictions can lead to life imprisonment and can vary in nature considerably.

There are stranger rape cases, such as the lone victim travelling home who is attacked by an unknown person. There is also the rape by a person who is known to the individual such as a new partner or ex-partner. There is then the rape by an individual in a position of trust who abuses that trust. No matter what the type of nature of the allegation may be the impact for the accused can be catastrophic.


The evidential matrix for such offences can be extremely complex  as they can involve forensic evidence such as DNA from saliva or semen, or cross examination of the complainant in a case of alleged consent or complete denial and assertion of malicious complaint or even simple denial of identification and an assertion that the police have got the wrong person.

The complexity of these cases is made worse as these cases often involve legal arguments about whether the complainants previous sexual conduct is relevant to the case, or whether a complainants previous complaint of rape should be put before a jury. Other legal arguments can include obtaining disclosure of the complainants phone and relevant text messages or even seeking to adduce the complainants previous offending bad character.

Take into account that the complainant will give evidence behind a screen or by video link, and it is easy to see how the accused can think the system is set against them. historical allegations are even more complex as the ability to present cogent alibi evidence is severely hampered.


In some cases victims cannot even recall whether they have been raped due to the administering of a date rape drug. They rely solely on medical and forensic evidence. In other cases there is an allegation of gang rape by numerous individuals.

The defence of such cases requires extreme skill and diligence and choosing the right team can be the difference between receiving a lengthy sentence and being placed on a sexual offences register or being acquitted and being allowed to carry on with one’s life.


Rape allegations also attract issues regarding the handling of publicity around the incident and consideration as to which court should deal with the matter (namely, whether the case should be tried by the local court).

These allegations can divide families and communities and need to be handled with the utmost care and with skill. They need to be handled by true experts within the field of criminal law with unrivalled success in defending and appealing such cases.


2nd Opinion Now specialise in defending and where necessary appealing such cases. Here are a few examples of the type of cases our executive management team have handled:


1.  Pimp accused of  repeated and continual rape of 4 prostitutes. Acquitted

2.  Father accused of raping 18 month old daughter. Acquitted.

3.  Taxi Driver accused of raping women passengers. Acquitted.

4.  Accused alleged to be part of wider sexual grooming gang, alleged to have conducted multiple gang rapes. Acquitted.

5.  Accused arrested as predatory sexual attacker. Alleged to have carried out in excess of 50 attacks including rape. Acquitted.

6.  Accused arrested for rape of girlfriend. Acquitted.

7.  Accused alleged to have raped using date rape drug. Acquitted.

8.  Police officer convicted of rape had conviction overturned on presentation of fresh evidence.


If you are unfortunate to stand accused of rape, contact us now. Choosing the right expert is akin to choosing the right consultant for a medical operation. You would not choose a GP to carry on complex brain surgery so why would you chose just any solicitor for such a serious allegation?

Remember, although we are a London-based solicitor firm specialising in rape and other sexual offence allegations, we operate nationwide.

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